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The Hidden Costs of Staying Put: Why Switching EHR Systems Can Save You Money

November 6, 2023

By Adam Sanborn

Did you know switching to the right Electronic Health Records (EHR) system can positively impact your practice’s financial health? Often, healthcare providers hesitate when considering switching to a more cost-effective EHR solution, fearing the unknown. But what if we told you that staying with your current EHR could be costing you more than you realize?

The Price of Staying Comfortable

It’s easy to fall into the comfort zone. Your practice has been using the same system for years, your staff knows the ins and outs, and switching EHR systems can be intimidating. However, this comfort can come at a hidden cost. Here’s what some of these concealed expenses may look like:

1. Maintenance Fees

One of the most overlooked expenses when it comes to EHR systems arethe maintenance fees. While it’s common for providers to charge a basic fee for the upkeep of the system, many also have add-on fees that can quickly increase the overall cost. Here are some examples of these hidden charges:

  • Charging for every new software release
  • Extra charges as your patient data grows
  • Others do not include baseline packages for texting, telehealth, and/or other features
  • After-hours assistance can come at a much higher price.
  • Initial training might be free, but new staff training could come at a cost.

2. Data Migration

If you ever decide to switch EHR systems, migrating patient data can be a costly and time-consuming process. The fear of this expense might be holding you back from exploring better options.

3. Lack of Transparency

Some EHR providers are notorious for hidden charges. These unexpected costs can catch you off guard, causing financial headaches.

4. Lost Productivity

Outdated and cumbersome EHR systems can slow down your practice, leading to lost productivity and potential revenue.

5. Missed Opportunities

Your current EHR may lack advanced features that could streamline your practice and boost profitability, resulting in missed growth opportunities.

Why MD Charts Make Sense

MD Charts distinguishes itself through its cost-effective pricing model, which prioritizes transparency and affordability, recognizing the budget constraints often faced by healthcare institutions.

When you opt to switch your EHR to MD Charts, you gain the advantage of inclusive initial customizations, integrated seamlessly into our pricing structure. This ensures that the EHR system aligns precisely with your unique operational requirements without incurring additional expenses.

Importantly, MD Charts adheres to a transparent pricing policy, guaranteeing that you will always have a clear understanding of your financial commitments. No unexpected charges and a  straightforward pricing structure that offers peace of mind that accompanies a modern, user-friendly EHR system.

What’s Next?

Don’t let hidden expenses hold your practice back. Consider making the switch to MD Charts and enjoy the savings potential that a modern, budget-friendly EHR system can offer. Your budget—and your practice—will thank you for it. Book a demo today!

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