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Introducing OBGYN Charts™️ – the complete Obstetrics-Gynecology Electronic Health Record (OBGYN EHR) and Practice Management (PM) System. Built exclusively for Obstetrics-Gynecology practices with tailored EHR software for OBGYNs, our OBGYN Charts is a cutting-edge solution that streamlines the daily operations of providers, elevating patient care to new heights.

OBGYN Charts, with integrated features such as electronic health records, practice management, patient engagement, and lab integration, it is designed to meet the unique needs of obstetric and gynecology practitioners. Its highly customizable screens and extensive libraries empower practitioners to model and manage their workflow efficiently, allowing them to focus on what matters most – providing superior care to their patients. Click Less, Care More℠ – that’s the OBGYN Charts advantage.

Your OBGYN EHR Practice Management System, Solved

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Health Record

OBGYN Charts is an advanced EHR system for OBGYN practices that simplifies patient information management and engagement with a user-friendly approach.

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OBGYN Charts offers a complete practice management and billing system, with seamless integration with the OBGYN Charts EHR system and other top EHR systems.

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OBGYN Charts’ patient engagement system allows practitioners to communicate securely with patients, and provides a seamless booking experience for patients.

OBGYNs love this comprehensive, all-in-one solution

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DermCharts lets me spend less time on the computer and more time with my patients.

- JASON APPLEBAUM, MD Dermatologist

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With advanced KPI Reporting, I get the pulse of my practice in a heartbeat.

- TJ BARRETT Administrator

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The perfect OBGYN EHR system for your practice

OBGYN Charts is a cutting-edge EHR and Practice Management system built on the revolutionary MD Charts platform. With ONC Health IT 2015 Edition Cures Update,  OBGYN Charts ensures industry-leading reliability and security, allowing providers to focus on providing superior care to their patients. The Click Less, Care More℠ approach of OBGYN Charts streamlines workflows and reduces administrative burden, enabling providers to spend more time with patients and less time on documentation. The customizable workflow templates, guided by a dedicated account manager, allow practices to tailor the system to their unique needs, optimizing efficiency and productivity. Book a demo today to experience the transformative power of OBGYN Charts in your practice.

Click Less. Care More.

Our OBGYN EHR system offers seamless integration

OBGYN Charts’ EHR system is the ideal choice for OBGYN practices seeking a seamless and efficient workflow solution. With easily customizable displays, OBGYN practices can personalize the system to fit their unique workflow and optimize productivity. The system also ensures HIPAA compliance with secure messaging tied to patient charts. OBGYN-specific templates streamline documentation, while quick E-prescribing from any screen enhances medication management. Instant tracking of OB flow sheet, gynecological and physical histories simplifies patient assessment. Moreover, OBGYN Charts is paper charts friendly, allowing for easy scanning and viewing of old patient charts as individual pages. Choose us for an OBGYN EHR system tailored to your practice’s needs.

  • Easily personalize any screen to fit your practice’s workflow
  • Secure messaging that can be tied to the patient’s chart, keeping you and your practice HIPAA compliant
  • OB/GYN Specific templates for:
    • Physical exams
    • Follow up visits
    • PAP’s
    • Prenatal screens
    • Lab submissions
    • Ultrasounds
    • And more…
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  • Quickly E-prescribe from virtually any screen
  • Instant OB flow sheet, gynecological and physical history tracking
  • Paper Charts friendly – Scan and view your old patient charts as individual pages
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Lab Integration

OBGYN Charts streamlines lab result management with automated flagging of abnormal results, easy tracking of result trends over time, and connects to bi-directional interfaces with HL7-compatible regional and national laboratories. The system also supports lab results with embedded image files, allowing for comprehensive analysis. Additionally, OBGYN Charts enables instant upload of signed lab results to the patient portal, facilitating efficient communication and engagement with patients for better care coordination.

  • Never miss a lab order
  • Simplify decisions with automated flagging of abnormal results
  • Easily track and view result trends over time
  • Bi-directional interfaces with any HL7-compatible regional and national laboratories
  • Support for lab results with embedded image files
  • Instantly upload signed Lab results to the Patient Portal
  • Integrate HL7 data from labs with embedded PDF files

Practice Management

OBGYN Charts’ practice management software showcases a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline billing and revenue cycle management. With an all-inclusive, centralized billing system, practices can easily manage their billing processes in one place. The built-in charge capture and accurate ICD-10 coding ensure proper coding for each patient encounter, minimizing claim denials, and real-time integrated insurance and eligibility verification help practices verify coverage and reduce billing errors. Full transparency is achieved through drill-down reports to each patient visit charge, allowing for easy auditing and reporting, while custom reports with advanced analytics provide valuable insights for informed decision-making. Integration with MD Charts’ Smart Super Bill℠ consolidates procedures into one bill, streamlining billing processes.

  • An all-inclusive, centralized billing system
  • Built-in charge capture and accurate ICD-10 coding
  • Real-time integrated insurance & eligibility verification
  • Integrated POS system with online bill pay
  • Full Transparency – Drill-down reports to each patient visit charge
  • Easy and accurate charge capture and claims scrubbing
  • Integration with MD Charts’ Smart Super Bill℠ that accurately aggregates all procedures performed into one consolidated superbill
  • Create custom reports with advanced analytics reporting

Patient Engagement

OBGYN Charts’ patient engagement offering provides a seamless and convenient way to interact with patients. Through a secure patient portal, practices can communicate with patients and patients with the practice to share important information, and facilitate electronic patient intake, saving time and reducing errors. Reminders via text, email, or voice call help practices keep patients informed about appointments and important updates, and patients easily schedule appointments online for in-office or telehealth visits, with options to choose providers and offices in multi-provider/multi-location practices. Post-visit review links can be sent to patients, tied into social media review sites to encourage patient feedback and help practices build the practice’s online reputation.

  • Communicate with patients via the secure patient portal
  • Electronic patient intake saves time, reduces errors, and ties directly into your note
  • Patient reminders via text, email, or voice call
  • Online appointment in-office and telehealth bookings directly through your website
  • Patients can easily select between providers and offices for appointment bookings in multi-provider/multi-location practices
  • Post-visit review links sent to your patients and tied into social media review sites like Yelp, Google, etc.


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  • Design notes the way you want
  • Easy to use accelerators
  • Easily create favorite lists
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  • View open office visits
  • Prioritize based on patient type
  • Manage appointments from the EHR
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  • Reduce workload with lab integration
  • Accurate diagnosis code capturing
  • Web-based & scalable solution

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose OBGYN Charts over other EHR systems out there?

OBGYN Charts was meticulously designed and developed by OBGYNs to cater to the specific needs of obstetrics and gynecology practices. No stone is left unturned in optimizing the system to meet the highest standards, making it the ideal choice for discerning practitioners.

Is every local pharmacy integrated into OBGYN Charts?

Gain access to over 50,000 pharmacies nationwide for seamless electronic prescribing with OBGYN Charts' trusted scripting partners. For pharmacies that do not accept e-prescriptions, you can still print traditional prescriptions.

Is my data secure, backed up and compliant?

OBGYN Charts ensure the highest level of data security. Your information is end-to-end encrypted, stored in the cloud with encrypted daily backups, and compliant with all HIPAA and privacy regulations.

While a practice is acclimating to OBGYN Charts, is there a decline in physician productivity?

Physicians maintain a similar patient load in most cases while adopting the new system gradually with a stepped transition approach.

How long does the system take to set up?

Our standard onboarding process usually takes around 10 weeks if practices have opted for moderate customizations, while our out-of-the-box solution can be operational in as little as 2 weeks for a faster implementation.

Can OBGYN Charts help import my data?

OBGYN Charts offers support options to help with data import into the platform. We recommend scheduling a free consultation with one of our Solution Consultants to assess your practice's needs and determine the appropriate actions for you.

Can I export my data if I would like to discontinue my subscription?

You have the flexibility to store a backup copy of your data on your own computer or take it with you if you decide to cancel your subscription to OBGYN Charts in the future. If you're not fully satisfied, rest assured that you can export your data at any time. You can save a copy of your data locally in standard file formats like Comma-Separated Value (.CSV) or Microsoft Excel (.XLS).

When does billing start for an OBGYN Charts account?

Your first invoice will typically be sent around 30 days after your start date, with the cycle beginning on the start date specified in your order.

What type of support can I expect after signing up?

Upon signup, you'll be assigned a dedicated Success Coach who will guide you throughout the setup process, and our OBGYN Charts Training Specialists will provide training webinars for further guidance. We provide a comprehensive onboarding and training program with your subscription, and our team will be readily available to assist you with essential steps, including hands-on training, setting up providers, enrolling in electronic claims, and submitting your first batch of electronic claims.

When is your support available?

OBGYN Charts offers support during business hours from Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 6 PM (Eastern Time), excluding national holidays. Emergency support is also available outside of these hours.

Can I submit electronic claims to all insurance companies with OBGYN Charts?

You can verify if a specific government payor or commercial insurance company is supported by checking the OBGYN Charts medical billing software payor list. OBGYN Charts enables electronic claims submission to over 18,000 insurers, including Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Tricare, and major national insurers like Aetna, Cigna, Humana, and United Healthcare, as well as local IPAs and smaller insurers.

Which insurance paper and electronic claim formats are supported by OBGYN Charts?

OBGYN Charts supports both professional claim formats, including CMS 1500 paper claim format and ANSI 837p electronic claim format, for provider charges. In addition, we also support institutional claim formats, such as UB-04 and 837I, for Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASC), Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility (CORF), and Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility (ORF).

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