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Practice Management System: The Complete Obstetrics-Gynecology EHR

OBGYN Charts™

The Complete Obstetrics-Gynecology EHR and Practice Management System

Electronic health records

  • Easily personalize any screen to fit your practice’s workflow
  • Secure messaging that can be tied to the patient’s chart, keeping you and your practice HIPAA compliant
  • OB/GYN Specific templates for:
    • Physical exams
    • Follow up visits
    • PAP’s
    • Prenatal screens
    • Lab submissions
    • Ultra sounds
    • And more…
  • Quickly E-prescribe from virtually any screen
  • Instant OB and physical history tracking
  • Paper Charts friendly – Scan and view your old patient charts as individual pages

Practice management

  • An all-inclusive, centralized billing system
  • Built-in charge capture and accurate ICD-10 coding
  • Real-time integrated insurance & eligibility verification
  • Integrated POS system with online bill pay
  • Full Transparency – Drill-down reports to each patient visit charge
  • Easy and accurate charge capture and claims scrubbing
  • Integration with MD Charts’ Smart Super Bill℠ that accurately aggregates all procedures performed into one consolidated superbill
  • Create custom reports with advanced analytics reporting

Create Custom reports with Advanced Analytics Reporting

Patient engagement

  • Communicate with patients via secure patient portal
  • Electronic patient intake saves time, reduces errors, and ties directly into your note
  • Patient reminders via text, email, or voice call
  • Online appointment in-office and telehealth bookings directly through your website
  • Patients can easily select between providers and offices for appointment bookings in multi-provider/multi-location practices
  • Post visit review links sent to your patients and tied into social media review sites like Yelp, Google, etc

Lab integration

  • Simplify decisions with automated flagging of abnormal results
  • Easily track and view result trends over time
  • Bi-directional interfaces with any HL7 compatible regional and national laboratories
  • Support for lab results with embedded image files
  • Instantly upload signed Lab results to the Patient Portal


“MD Charts’ EHR helped me to get my practice up and running quickly.”

Dr. Qi Lili

Medical Director of Flushing OB-GYN

Medical Director of Flushing OB-GYN

“When labs come in, immediately they are on the doctor’s desktop. No pulling a chart, no waiting two days to get the lab in the mail or scan it into the system … the doctor sees it within 24 hours so patient is aware whether or not she does or doesn’t have a problem.”

TJ Barret

Office Manager of Great Neck OB-GYN

Office Manager of Great Neck OB-GYN

“You can work from home, you can work while you are on vacation, you can work overseas by logging in to the website. I’ve worked on the system while I cruise!”

Dr. Terry Rifkin

OB-GYN Provider

OB-GYN Provider

Take better notes

Design notes the way you want

Use accelerators

Easily create favorite lists


See More Patients

View open office visits

Prioritize based on patient type

Manage appointments from the EHR


Grow your practice

Reduce workload with lab integration

Accurate diagnosis code capturing

Web-based & scalable solution

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