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EHR - The MD Charts Electronic Health Records


The MD Charts Electronic Health Records system is a patient information management solution that provides medical offices with a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use method for entering and storing patients’ health information electronically.

MD Charts is dedicated to your specialty

MD Charts - dedicated to your specialty
  • Perfected for efficiency, enabling providers to see more patients
  • Easily personalize any screen to fit your workflow
  • Cloud-based, web-enabled, clean, modern, intuitive & easy-to-learn interface
  • Built-In Peak Charge Capture™ and accurate ICD-10 coding
  • MIPs Made Easy℠ seamlessly collects valuable data to maximize reimbursement rates with virtually no extra work
  • Personalized accelerators and shortcuts speed up note taking without sacrificing individuality

Our specialties

Dermatology Practice

DERM Charts ™

DermCharts is designed by dermatologists, dedicated to dermatology. Offerring a bold new approach to EHR & Practice Management, DermCharts provides industry-standard reliability and security while staying true to its mantra of Click Less, Care More℠, focused on helping providers spend more time with patients and less time taking notes.

OB-GYN Practice

OBGYN Charts™

OBGYNCharts recognizes the distinction between OB and GYN specialties. When a patient is recognized as an OB or GYN patient, the system can be trained to display only the pertinent options by default.

Patients waiting to be seen are also color coded based on the phase of their visit.

Pediatric Practice


KidsCharts’ At-A-Glance view provides a summarized chronological letter-view recap of all past visits, and accurately track patients’ growth and Immunization records.

Personalized pediatrician’s dashboard to track daily-tasks, priority items, appointments, and staff communications.

Get all the information you need in an instant

SwiftDat - full visibility into your practice
  • Comprehensive dashboard that puts all information at your fingertips
  • Quickly e-prescribe from virtually any screen
  • Securely exchange patient information with other providers
  • Personalize each user’s home screen to maximize individual efficiency
  • Full visibility into your practice data on the fly using our SwiftDat™ feature

Give your patients the priority they deserve

Mobile check-ins – Online appointment
  • Online appointment booking improves both patient and practice experience and satisfaction
  • Automatic appointment reminders enable patients to complete intake forms from their mobile phones (no app download required) prior to arrival
  • Launch TeleHealth visits directly from the patient chart. Patient can join with a simple click of link sent in text/email (no app download required)
  • Enable your patients to pay immediately their outstanding balance using MDCPay™
  • Mobile check-ins – patient check-in via mobile phones

Never miss a lab order

Mdcharts: Never miss a lab order
  • Digitally send orders directly from MD Charts
  • Uni-/Bi-directional interfaces with 20+ regional and major national labs
  • Ability to integrate HL7 data from labs directly into EHR
  • Support for lab results with embedded PDF files

List of current participating labs

  • Accupath
  • Ameripath
  • Aurora
  • Bioreference
  • Bostwick
  • Carnegie Hill Imaging
  • CBL Path
  • Cesar Colorado
  • Counsyl
  • DCL Diagnostics
  • Dianon
  • Enzo
  • GE Viewpoint
  • Genzyme
  • LabCorp
  • Main Street Radiology
  • MedInformatix
  • Natera
  • New York Imaging
  • Northwell
  • NTD
  • Quentin
  • Quest
  • Sema4
  • Shiel
  • Sunrise
  • UWL
  • Zwanger Persiri

Don’t see your lab? Don’t worry, MD Charts is constantly adding new lab partners. We can integrate with virtually all major and minor labs that support the industry-standard HL7 data format. To have a new lab added for your facility, speak to one of our knowledgeable account reps to get the process started or Contact Us.

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