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Mdchartsehr: Click less, care more (netbook)

Click Less, Care More

Click less utilizing automation, customization, and workflow optimization tools to streamline your practice and care more for your patients.
MD Charts was designed with customization as a forethought and not an afterthought resulting in an agile platform to meet your needs and adapt to your practice.

ClickLess CareMore Technology

Mdcharts: SOAP Note - Patient Test (procedures/ assessment/ plan)
The Ultra-Customizable EHR

The ultra-customizable EHR

  • MD Charts adapts to your practice’s workflow
  • Notes are designed to match your provider’s requirements
  • Customizable down to both role and user levels
  • Less time in front of screens, more time in front of patients
Mdcharts: Appointment scheduling (patients scheduling scheme)
Appointment scheduling

Appointment scheduling

  • Multiple systems not required – All-in-one platform with built in scheduling
  • No more clicking between screens – At-a-glance view of scheduled appointments:
    • With missing data/correction flags for insurance eligibility and patient demographics
    • Confirmed appointment visuals
    • And more…
  • Allows for multiple appointment bookings
  • Easy to use scheduler with the ability to customize appointment visit type colors, time slots and blocks
  • Ideal for practices with single or multiple locations/providers
Mdcharts: Electronic lab orders and results (patients lab results)
Electronic lab orders & results

Electronic lab orders & results

  • Interface with virtually any local or national lab
  • Electronically transmit orders and receive results
  • Simplify decisions with automated flagging of abnormal results, track and trend results
Mdcharts: Click less (patient profile info)
Electronic lab orders & results

E-prescribe made simple

  • Reduce screen hopping – E-Prescribe from multiple locations on any note
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel – Create/ share favorites and most used medications lists
  • Smart-searching technology
  • Accurately record medications – Download patient’s external RX history
  • E-Prescribe/Refill from your mobile device or tablet
Mdcharts: take control of messaging
Take control of messaging

Take control of messaging

  • Intra-Office Messaging – No more sticky notes. Never miss a message
  • Patient Portal – Securely communicate with patients and instantly publish reviewed lab results from the EHR
  • Seamlessly attach to a patient’s chart for privacy and easy HIPAA compliance
  • Follow the message tree to see full conversation history
  • Easy to use with CC, forwarding, priority, and delivery receipt capabilities

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