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Dermatologists love this all-in-one solution

DermCharts is revolutionizing how healthcare providers work with an Electronic Health Record and Practice Management System designed by dermatologists specifically for the needs of dermatology practices. It offers a comprehensive suite of features tailored to the unique requirements of dermatology providers and their patients. With its highly customizable screens and extensive support library, DermCharts makes it easier for practitioners to model and manage their workflow, resulting in better patient care. Click Less, Care More℠

Your dermatology practice management system, solved

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DermCharts provides a comprehensive dermatology Practice Management software solution that integrates readily with the DermCharts EHR system, and many other leading EHR systems.

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Electronic Health Record

The DermCharts EHR system is a patient information management and engagement solution that provides dermatology medical offices with a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use method for entering and storing patients’ health information electronically.

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Revenue Cycle Management

DermCharts offers a complete dermatology billing and revenue cycle management solution.

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"I find MD Charts a very engaging company and my implementation team is highly responsive to our practice's needs."

- Iza from IVSI

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"DermCharts[MD Charts] lets me spend less time on the computer and more time with my patients."

- JASON APPLEBAUM, MD Dermatologist

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"I am very satisfied with MD Charts EHR. The notes are highly precise and have been readily customized to our practice enabling the doctor to provide very efficient and timely care."

- Iza from IVSI

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"With advanced KPI Reporting, I get the pulse of my practice in a heartbeat."

- TJ BARRETT Administrator

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The perfect EHR system for your dermatology practice

DermCharts is a part of the family of products that are built upon the revolutionary MD Charts platform. ONC 2015 Certified, DermCharts provides industry-standard reliability and security while staying true to its mantra of Click Less, Care More℠, focused on helping providers spend more time with patients and less time taking notes. The MD Charts architecture leveraged by DermCharts lets practices customize the workflow that best fits their unique needs. A dedicated account manager will guide your practice administrator through customizing the workflow template objects every step of the way. Book a demo today to learn more.

Click Less. Care More.

EHR System

  • Easy-to-learn interface with built-in charge capture and accurate ICD10 coding
  • MIPs Made Easy℠ seamlessly collects valuable data with virtually no extra work
  • Personalized macros and shortcuts speed up note-taking without sacrificing individuality
  • Import patient images directly into patient charts, map out biopsy procedures and send images to laboratories
  • Track biopsies with time-stamped entries that include body-part location and diagnosis safety and accurately with InstaPath℠
  • Comprehensive dashboard designed to make all information readily available to healthcare providers from a single source
  • BiopsyMapping™ technology allows healthcare providers to visualize multiple biopsy results on one page
  • Online appointment booking enhances patient satisfaction. Real-time appointment scheduling by the patient, for the patient
  • Quickly and securely share patient records with other providers for easy e-prescriptions
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Participating Labs


  • DermCharts allows providers to directly send orders and receive lab results, with bi-directional interfaces to over 20 regional and major national labs
  • Never miss a lab order
  • Integrate HL7 data from labs with embedded PDF files

Practice Management

  • Integrated online booking gives real-time control over provider and time bookings
  • Real-time integrated insurance and eligibility verification
  • Advanced analytics to process various operational and financial data for deeper insights
  • Use to-do lists for better organization and productivity tracking
  • Create custom dashboards and reports to closely monitor key performance indicators such as customer wait time, high earners and revenue-generating products
  • Patient eligibility verification helps save time and reduce errors while providing an accurate aggregate of procedures with DermCharts’ Smart Super Bill℠
  • Electronic patient intake and demographic updates provide an efficient way to get the pulse of your practice with advanced reporting tools
  • TimeGuard℠ provides reliable scheduling solutions and optimized financial management
  • Advanced A/R tracking, call and text reminders plus an inventory control module available to optimize billing performance and claims acceptance rate

Revenue Cycle Management

  • All-in-one dermatology billing software and collections system for easier charge capture, resulting in more accurate billing and faster payments
  • Know your practice figures at all times, in real-time
  • Paperless electronic billing solution that reduces costs with A/R reports to gain a clear picture of the practice’s performance
  • Understand how much income your practice generates in comparison to net revenue and adjust claims accordingly
  • Utilize standard reports to analyze your practice’s strengths and weaknesses, or design a custom report with the advanced reporting tools
  • Take advantage of every opportunity – ensure all claims are promptly submitted, procedures are correctly billed for, payments are received promptly, and the costs associated with maintaining an entire billing department are covered



Why should I choose DermCharts over every other EHR/PM Revenue Cycle system out there?

DermCharts was designed by dermatologists, specifically for the practice of dermatology. Our development team left no stone unturned in order to optimize DermCharts to meet the requirements of even the most astute users.

What is DermCharts’ customers' average MIPs score?

DermCharts is committed to helping providers obtain the highest MIPs scores, thereby securing the maximum funding from government agencies. Our average customers’ MIPs score for 2017 was 92.3, bringing in an additional 1.8% in revenue on average. For the year ending 2018, DermCharts’ customers’ average revenue increase was expected to be between 4-7%.
Our pragmatic approach to securing higher scores is powered by the MIPs-Made-Easy℠ concept that focuses on making MIPs data collection unobtrusive yet unmistakable as part and parcel of the usual workflow.

Can a practice use DermCharts EHR and keep their existing PMS?

Yes. DermCharts utilizes APIs which allows us to easily and efficiently integrate with most billing PM systems.

Is every local pharmacy integrated into DermCharts?

With DermCharts’ scripting partners, you will be able to electronically prescribe to over 50,000 pharmacies across the United States. You can still print prescriptions for those pharmacies that do not yet accept electronic prescriptions.

Is all my data secure?

Your data is fully secure. It is end-to-end encrypted and stored in the cloud, with multiple secure, encrypted daily backups. DermCharts is compliant with all HIPAA and privacy regulations.

I see that you have different plans with different prices. How do those work and what do I need to know to choose the right plan?

It is best that you get a free consultation with one of our Solution Consultants to identify your needs so you can choose the right plan for your practice. You can sign up for a demo right here.

Is there an average decline in physician productivity while a practice is acclimating to DermCharts?

No – our phased-in method allows for a stepped transition approach and allows physicians to see at least the same number of patients in most cases.

How long does it take to set up?

Our typical onboarding generally takes about 10 weeks with moderate customizations. Out-of-the-box can be up and running in as little as 2 weeks.

Does DermCharts help import my data?

DermCharts has support options available to assist in importing data into the DermCharts platform. It is best that you get a free consultation with one of our Solution Consultants to identify your needs, so you can choose the right plan for your practice.

Can DermCharts transfer my billing and patient data from my existing dermatology practice management software into DermCharts PM?

Yes, our Data Services team can help import several fields into your new DermCharts PM account. Typically, as long as you can export those fields from your current system into Excel or .csv file format, we take it from there. Ask your Account Manager for a list of specific fields that can be imported.

If for some reason, I would like to discontinue my subscription, can I export my data?

Yes. If you are not completely satisfied, you can export your data at any time. You can save a copy of your data to your local computer in standard file formats, such as Comma–Separated Value (.CSV) or Microsoft Excel (.XLS). This provides you with the flexibility to store a backup copy of your data on your own computer or take your data with you if you ever decide to cancel your subscription to DermCharts.

When do you start billing me for my DermCharts account?

Your billing starts on the start date listed in your order. You will receive your first invoice approximately 30 days after your start date.

What percentage increase in Medicare reimbursement can a practice expect using DermCharts to report MIPs data?

In 2017, our average customers experienced on average 1-2% MIPs score increase. In 2018, the same customers expected a 4-5% increase.

What type of support can I expect after signing up?

We offer a complete on-boarding and training program with your subscription. Our team will be available to answer your questions as you complete the essential steps of your on-boarding including hands-on training, setting up a provider, enrolling in electronic claims, sending your first batch of electronic claims, and having your claims accepted by at least one major insurance company. Upon signing up, you will be assigned a Success Coach who will be with you through your entire setup process. In addition, our DermCharts Training Specialists will help guide you through our training webinars.

What days and hours is your support available?

DermCharts support can be reached Monday through Friday, 8 AM-6 PM (Eastern Time), excluding national holidays. Outside of these hours, emergency support is available.

Can I use DermCharts to submit electronic claims to all insurance companies?

You can submit electronic claims to more than 18,000 insurers through DermCharts. We support Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, and Tricare in every state. We also support major national insurers, such as Aetna, Cigna, Humana, and United Healthcare, as well as local IPAs and smaller insurers. To find out if you can submit electronic claims to a specific government payor or commercial insurance company, check out the DermCharts medical billing software payor list.

Which insurance paper and electronic claim formats are supported by DermCharts?

We currently support professional claim formats, used for provider charges, using the CMS 1500 paper claim format and ANSI 837p electronic claim format. We also support institutional claim formats, both UB-04 and 837I, for Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASC), Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility (CORF), and Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility (ORF).

Can I use DermCharts to bill insurance companies for Out-of-Network providers?

It is our experience that each insurance company may have a different policy regarding how they reimburse for medical claims associated with Out-of-Network providers and the level of electronic services (electronic claims, remittance, and eligibility) they support with Out-of-Network providers. These varying policies are independent of the medical software or clearinghouse used to bill them. So we recommend that you call each insurance company to receive a definitive answer regarding their claim reimbursement process and the electronic services they will allow as it relates to Out-of-Network providers.

How do you handle security and backups?

Your data is securely encrypted, stored, and backed up in a fully HIPAA-compliant cloud environment.

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